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Bet you guys have heard about the craze of the dry Ban Mian called Kin Kin Pan Mee situated at Macpherson, the long queue of 2 hours , the line forming even before the shop is opened for business and that spicy dry chili paste that is served as a side condiment.

What If I tell you that you don’t need to wait for a bowl of dry ban mian and where you can get a delectable bowl some where in the heart of the city within MRT reach.  I present to you Hao Jia Ban Mian.

Dry Ban Mian (3)As an avid fan of Ban Mian I would order Ban Mian from all over Singapore every chance I get, Girl prefers soup base while I prefer the dry. So far when it comes to Ban Mian only Qiu Lian come’s to mind.

What we usually look for in Ban Mian has to…

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