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Mango Frozen Yogurt

Great for hot weather especially here in Singapore 😀 dessertttssss

Hello! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Another summer day, another frozen dessert recipe. This one is extremely simple and probably one of the healthiest desserts ever. My Z loves ice cream. Actually, she loves just gnawing on ice. To kick her ice-biting habit, I give her something else…homemade popsicles. The bits and pieces of real fruits kinda act as flavored ice. At least she thinks so. 

This time, however, I didn’t make popsicles. Just some frozen yogurt in a container. Mango frozen yogurt- that is. 

mango frozen yogurtCombine ingredients into a blender (I use the Vitamix and it’s awesome!) and blend until smooth. Pour concoction into a container (optional- add tidbits of nectarine as seen above) and freeze. Seriously, so easy.

mango frozen yogurt3The best way to enjoy this dessert is to first let it hang out on the counter for about 30mins. The consistency then becomes slightly icy and fluffy. Another option…

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