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It’s been really some time since my last post and I do apologise for the MIA period to my few readers out there. Let’s jump straight into some food, shall we? (This is going to be a droolingly long post)

Monkey Forest – Lez! I didn’t know you were in Bali too!

The husband, being his usual super sweet self, had pre-planned a birthday trip to Bali. This time to central Bali – Ubud, nearer to the mountains versus the sand & sea like Legian, Seminyak or Kuta. A different environment altogether and definitely a great place for a food hunt. July is supposed to be a good period to go over to Bali to enjoy some sunshine – somehow we had showers of blessings all 4 days we were there and it turned into a food-trail instead (I am not complaining at all!) The husband chose well. We stayed at Komaneka Rasa Sayang, which has a total of 4 properties (a 5th one is on the way) and this is situated along Jl. Monkey Forest, near the Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Some breakfast pics:

Fresh mini croissants

Homemade Banana spread, Apple/Carrot Jam, Marmalade…… and Butter

Poached Eggs with Salmon on English Muffins, Beef Sausage and Grilled Tomato

There’s just something SEXY about poached eggs

Breakfast was like this every morning… LOVE.

So that was our breakfast more or less. There were other choices like Spanish Omelette with Chorizo, Egg-white Omelette with Mushrooms and Broccoli which I think I started chomping on them without taking pictures. Too yummy.

Melting Wok Warung (Jl. Gootama)

The husband was doing some research on some of the well-recommended places to try out here in Ubud. One that popped up very frequently and also highly commended is the Melting Wok Warung (Tripadvisor: . With only about 8-9 tables at this place, one has to call in advance to book, or pop by to reserve a table for the next day. Very busy, very delectable and very affordable.

Menu for the day – it changes daily

We did pop by the evening before in hopes to secure a table, but were sadly turned away as they were full house and the next seating was also fully taken. Therefore we reserved for the following afternoon and made sure we appeared for lunch. My choice that day was the Sauteed Wok Curry Noodles with Chicken, which was about Rp 32,000 or 35,000. The husband chose the Sauteed Wok Curry Rice with Beef.

Sauteed Wok Curry Noodles

However, the STAR of the meal was the dessert. I made sure I left some stomach space for this: Crepe with Coconut, Palm Sugar and Vanilla Ice Cream. Heaven. The heat from the soft crepe, coupled with the coolness of the vanilla ice cream, that sweetness from the fresh coconut and the crunchy texture of palm sugar just burst onto this wild orgasmic fireworks in your mouth.

Crepe with Vanilla Ice Cream – a MUST TRY

The next two dishes are the other highly “sought after” ones claimed by foodies as authentically Balinese and one shall not leave (Ubud) Bali without trying these items. We did not manage to try the Babi Guling on our previous visit to Bali (Seminyak) 2 years ago, so I kind of made it a must-go this time, to see what the hype was all about. Disclaimer: we are not fans of deep-fried items, so it is probably a skewed opinion.

First up: Babi Guling Ibu Oka or suckling pig. Now this place is even recommended by the locals, and we do see a lot of the local Balinese who eat here too. Ibu Oka herself was there that day but I was shy and didn’t approach her for a photo.

Babi Guling Ibu Oka

As you can see on the background, the sky didn’t look too good. We actually hardly saw any sunshine the 4 days we were there. It was gloomy and cloudy EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Coconuts. Mum will be so proud that I brought hand-sanitiser with me

Sup Babi

Suckling pig, deep-fried skin, tender meat & rice

Another shot of the deep-fried pork skin

The other place, also well-liked by both tourists & locals, is the very popular Bebek Bengil here in Ubud itself. Note: all these places were within walking distance of Jl Monkey Forest and we went everywhere by foot, which also gives you a glimpse into the local life, and to admire the buildings, the local art, craft and others.

Bebek Bengil – Dirty Duck Diner

Obviously, the one item that one must try here is the duck. As below, it is the Original Crispy Duck – steamed with Indonesian spices, deep fried for a crispy finish. We did use our hands!!

A snapshot of the menu

The famous duck before it was torn apart beyond recognition

Grilled chicken wings

On the night before we were scheduled to leave Bali, we headed to Ibu Rai, also one of the top 10 restaurants as recommended and we managed to get a seat for 2 there. Funnily, we were the only 2 Asians there – every single table were Caucasians and it wasn’t till about an hour later till we saw another Asian patron.

Ibu Rai

Complimentary starters: Potato & Leek Soup

Coriander & Lemongrass mojito

For starters we ordered a chicken satay and it didn’t disappoint us at all. Lean, tender and very juicy.

Chicken Satay

Next up, the mains. Ibu Rai’s menu available here:

King Prawn with Pasta, Balinese style

Black Cod Fish with Potatoes, Asparagus, Balinese spices

The food here in Bali, Indonesia is unique and has a very distinct spice or style to it. It is definitely not as spicy as I would prefer it to be, maybe because I am used to really hot food here in KL/ Singapore, but the cuisine is sure delectable and I would not mind going back for more, except the deep-fried items – these are just for taste’s sake and the fact that I can say I have actually eaten it before and able to comment on it.

If I had to pick two places to recommend? Melting Wok Warung and Babi Guling Ibu Oka. A fusion and an authentic taste of Bali, without digging a huge hole in your wallet and leaving you completely satisfied.


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  1. Ibu Rai’s gotta be a tourist place for sure with the patrons all being AngMoh. . glad you were on your happy food trail.

    • suannchonglee said:

      definitely happy!! *pats stomach* and now is back to working out – burn baby, burn!!

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