The Food Stalker on the Move!

This is a long overdue post of a homemade dinner during the first weekend of the new year. At home, we do prefer to have light meals with less salt, no MSG, no & fresh produce if we can find all that. As usual, we try to cut carbohydrates out especially when we cook at home.

Some of the main players:

chopped onions


What the husband first did was to thaw out the fish that was in the freezer by dunking it in room temperature water for about half an hour or so. After it softened, various spices was grated and sprinkled onto it, without much thought really. It is all about flair and instinct! Black pepper, cayenne, sea salt etc

Searing the fish

There’s a little art to the flipping of the piece of meat there. One has to be extremely careful and also be cautious when thawing to not make the fish soften till it’s tough to pick up on the pan.


While he was doing that I was beating 3 eggs in a bowl ready for steaming, mixed with some water, pepper, a couple of drops of sesame oil and it’s good to go for steaming. I added the mixed vege on top to give it more pop and colour. Looks a little bit more egg-citing doesn’t it?


So here comes the main dish all done up nicely by the husband. I gotta say, he does wonders in the kitchen. Love him to bits.

pan-seared halibut with fresh garden greens

YUM x2!

Lovely dinner. Took a little long to blog about but the taste still lingers in my mouth. Can’t wait for the next time the husband cooks again!



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